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Blackboard entry by Tahir Hemphill

A Creative Pool project by Tahir Hemphill

Moneytheism: Project: This two-part book addresses the global significance of money through a series of essays accompanied by re-interpretations of paper currency from around the world. Both components will address the relationship between wealth accumulation, class, and culture. STCR is eager to accept innovative submissions from visual artists and writers before August 31, 2006. Whether personal anecdotes or fictional accounts, irreverent, or audaciously absurd, all discourse submitted for the literary component must be poignant, concise, and critical. Submissions must be 1000 words or less and submitted in their entirety within the body text of the email and as a word attachment. Submissions for the graphic element may depict family heritage or nationalism, personal heroes or cultural icons. Entries are not limited by scale, technique, materials or dimensions. However, strong entries will acknowledge the significance of currency as a portable history book and the artistic traditions that contributed to the production of paper money throughout the world (i.e. etching, guilloché patterns, embossing, stamping, foils, letter pressing, woodblock engraving, and watermarking). JPEG attachments should be screen-depth and 500k or less. Larger printable files will be requested after the initial selection process has been completed. All submissions and inquiries should be addressed to info [at] with the subject line Moneytheism. The deadline for all submissions is August 31, 2006.