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Blackboard entry by max-o-matic

A Creative Pool project by max-o-matic

The "Latex for fun" project´s website in online! The project started with a simple idea: create disposable "designer toys" with pure d.i.y. ethics, and it Includes amazing artworks from: Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Allan Sanders, Jon Burgerman, Jeremyville, Craig Atkinson, Ian Stevenson, Busworks, Gaston Caba, Miss Lotion, PulcoMayo, Tony Derbomez (Chic), Hello Bard, Sauerkids, Specio, Havec, Masaru Ishiura, Jason Siu, Via Via, Christian Lindemann (Lindesign), Lionel Serre, DGPH, Majesto, Comte d.Urgell, Kevin Carpio, Marco Ugolini, Max-o-matic and more! Check it out: